Experiences FAQ

Will the show be engaging?

The Science on the GO! show promotes student participation and involvement in a fun and entertaining matter! The show is a dynamic and engaging 90-minute feast of science. Linked to the key learning areas in the Queensland syllabus, content includes; states of matter, bubbles, sound, air pressure and colourful chemistry.

Do the teachers have to be involved?

The teachers’ presence is beneficial for both the content and participation of the show, along with any management issues that may arise.


Has a risk assessment been completed?

Yes, a risk assessment for the Science on the GO! show has been completed and is available upon request.


Is the Science on the GO! show registered with the Department of Education and Training – Education Queensland?

Yes! The Science on the GO! show is an accredited program approved to tour in Queensland state schools.


How many students can experience the show at one time?

Depending on the venue; up to 500 students could experience the show at one time. However, for the most engaging experience we recommend up to 120 students. Though it is feasible to do as little as 30 students.


Can we get more than two optional shows?

The duration of the core show is approximately 40-60mins, which doesn’t leave much time for two options, let alone three. I encourage teachers to view the science workshops available to further develop more options.